Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Loan Modification Live Transfers

A borrower always hopes that he will be able to modify his loan at some point of time, if he had borrowed during the high interest rate time. Essentially loan modification is possible for all types of loan; home loan, mortgage loan, loans owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, student loan, etc.
 Modification of a loan is a procedure through which mortgage conditions and terms can be modified. This means to say, whatever had been the original terms of the mortgage contract between the lending bank, law firm or broking agency and the borrower, I.E. interest rate, monthly installment, etc. are modified so that the borrower can breathe a little easy. Loan modification leads have been in the market since very long, but loan modification live transfers have become more popular with the passing decade.

Why loan modification live transfers?
Our database contains information about interested customers who wish to modify their loan, while understanding that they can receive a loan modification once in 24 months. uses the specific financial criteria asked for by the lender, when its telemarketing team of experts qualify a customer for loan modification and transfer them to the lender as loan modification live transfers. To more about how you can buy loan modification live transfers that give you affirmative results, based on your criteria of borrower’s loan modification eligibility, call on toll free number (1-800-986-9315) and place your daily, weekly or monthly order today.

What with the challenging market conditions today, most mortgage brokers and mortgage firms are struggling to get the right quality leads. Our organization can help you get rid of the junk and focus only on top notch potential customer leads through live transfers. We call pre-qualified leads obtained through various methods of information collection. Our team of telemarketing customer experts calls the potential customer who are desperate to receive loan modification program.  Once the customer has shown interest towards loan modification, shared his details, and if they match the specific financial criteria mentioned by the lender, we transfer the call with the details immediately to the loan officer at the lender office. This gives the lenders chance to talk to the customers directly after they have professed their interest and consequently, gain positive customer response. Our assurance of providing our clients with high quality loan modification live transfers is the reason why has long standing clientele.

We connect you to those customers who’re struggling to make their monthly installment payments, due to the current terms of their loan. These are the customers who need loan modification so that they can pay their monthly mortgage installments with ease. The loan modification live transfers provided by are double verified and authentic. When the call is being transferred to the loan officer, information about the potential customer on the phone is sent quickly via internal lead management portal or email; whatever is preferred by the lender. also provides batch leads of loan modification in real time, on exclusive basis. For further information, call on (1-800-986-9315) and learn more about how you could expand your business market through double verified loan modification live transfers.

Monday, July 15, 2013

FHA Mortgage Live Transfer Leads, FHA Mortgage Live Leads, FHA Mortgage Live Transfers, FHA Mortgage Live Call Tranfers

FHA Mortgage Live Transfer Leads: The statistics from mortgage industry today say that out of about 70 million homeowners all over the United States, there are about 1/3 rd...

FHA Mortgage Live Transfer Leads

The statistics from mortgage industry today say that out of about 70 million homeowners all over the United States, there are about 1/3rd of customers who have the FHA mortgage loans. The reason for this is said to be the leniency of eligibility in FHA loans in the last few years. It is time to target FHA loan holders, and if you’re not already doing it, you may be losing out on a decent chunk of business.

President Barack Obama decided in March 2012 to make certain changes to FHA mortgage loans, so that it would be easier for people to refinance an FHA mortgage loan. What with the FHA mortgage refinance loans available on a lower interest rate, people opted for it, thus increasing the amount of FHA mortgage loan holders. FHA mortgage loans are today, with unanimous consent of the entire mortgage industry, the highest in demand. Borrowers today in the United States wish to have a mortgage that will give them an assurance of government security. has fresh and up to date database of FHA mortgage loan holders as well as those who would wish to go for a fresh FHA mortgage loan, thus being able to provide lenders and brokers with FHA mortgage live transfer leads.       All you need to do today is call on (1-800-986-9315) and get more information about how you can obtain FHA mortgage live transfer leads.
FHA Mortgage Live Transfer Leads will help in multiplication of FHA mortgage customers! database can boast of accurate details of FHA mortgage loan holders, who already need refinance and wish someone to get in touch with them for it. What our team of expert telemarketing agents does is, call them up, verify their details as well as confirm their interest in the deal you may have to offer as a lending bank or FHA mortgage broker. Once the lead has been verified, it is put through a third party verifier where more details are collected and their interest re-affirmed. This is the time when FHA mortgage live transfer leads are delivered to you. These leads provided by have the maximum potential of becoming your business prospect.
With our readily available to talk and help team of customer care executives, you can call us anytime on the toll free number and register with us for your first order. With our live transfer leads, we assure you of minimum time wait or waste and only a list of potential customers. Once you register with us, we collect information with regards to your requirements, criteria preferred, types of lead set preferred etc. Inspirecs prides itself on being able to deliver only relevant leads, thereby gaining long term customer clientele. Organization and diligence are two qualities that are needed in a lead producing company, and Inspirecs excels at both. Contact today and look forward to profit expansion with your first batch of FHA mortgage live transfer leads today

Friday, July 12, 2013

loan modification live transfers, irs tax debt leads, tax debt live transfer leads: Reverse Mortgage Live Transfer Leads

loan modification live transfers, irs tax debt leads, tax debt live transfer leads: Reverse Mortgage Live Transfer Leads: Reverse mortgage live transfer leads are   a raging business today. Ask any loan officer or a mortgage broker and he would talk to you abo...

Reverse Mortgage Live Transfer Leads

Reverse mortgage live transfer leads are a raging business today. Ask any loan officer or a mortgage broker and he would talk to you about how reverse mortgage leads bring them more benefit than refinance leads. Live transfer lead is basically a lead that has been transferred as an active phone call to a loan officer or a mortgage broker, by a lead generating company like

 It is the senior citizens that frequently face problems like little liquidity and rich equity. Offering reverse mortgage leads to them will bring you an endless amount of customer prospects in all over the US and the UK.   Senior citizens are benefitted by their rich equity by getting a monthly income and mortgage banks and companies benefit by getting reverse mortgage clients. provides you with reverse mortgage live transfer leads, paper leads and real time reverse mortgage leads. Our telemarketing team, online websites and a range of other services target database of homeowners that are 65 years and above. Our telemarketing team consists of experienced professionals who understand the need for clean lead that comes from an interested as well as correctly qualified customer prospect. The lead is transferred to you as reverse mortgage live transfer lead only when it has been verified twice by our team. This in turn ensures maximum lead conversion potential.

When the customers serve you a line such as “Call back later” or “not interested if you can’t offer the program details right now”, it is time to switch to reverse mortgage live transfer leads. They help you eliminate any problems that may occur due to call backs from a general exclusive lead. Real time live transfers of reverse mortgage leads ensures that you are able to contact the prospective client on time, with all the details pertaining to their requirements and eligibility on hand. has enhanced in the last few years its filtering technology, with the result that lenders can now easily target specific customer set with more than just the criteria applied. The entire set up as well as management process of reverse mortgage live transfer leads has been streamlined with the objective to targeting exact prospective segments of customers that will be termed as “qualified”. Our leads talk of high quality customers who are interested in working with top notch lenders who can satisfy their financial requirements.

All the reverse mortgage live transfer leads are pre-qualified and double-verified, and match the criteria specified at the time of lead order. offers you the choices of getting the leads transferred directly to lending company loan officers and mortgage brokers. In case the call drops, there is information available and ready at hand for you to call the customer back. All the details of the prospective customers are sent to you through E-Mail or through lead management software.

Double verified reverse mortgage live transfer leads are now available to you within seconds after the customer has shown interest and verified his details, through the online lead management system. If it is quality that you are looking for, while ordering reverse mortgage live transfer leads, call on (1-800-986-9315) and place your order today!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

loan modification live transfers, irs tax debt leads, tax debt live transfer leads: Mortgage Refinance Live Transfer Leads

loan modification live transfers, irs tax debt leads, tax debt live transfer leads: Mortgage Refinance Live Transfer Leads: Mortgage Refinance Live Transfer Leads A loan office or a   mortgage office   is always on the lookout for   live transfer leads   these da...

Mortgage Refinance Live Transfer Leads

Mortgage Refinance Live Transfer Leads

A loan office or a mortgage office is always on the lookout for live transfer leads these days. In this age of finance, where economy is stabilizing slowly, it is important for loan officers and mortgage brokers to ensure that the leads that they call on are authentic. The only way they can ensure their authenticity is by opting for mortgage refinance live transfer leads, since it helps them determine the type of lead, as per their own criteria.
How do Mortgage Refinance Live Transfer Leads work?

If you are a mortgage broking agency or an individual broker, or a loan officer, you register with a lead company ( that can offer you mortgage refinance live transfer leads. Once you have registered online or by calling on the toll free number (1-800-986-9315), the lead company will allow you to fix your set of criteria for the type of lead you would like transfer of. Some typical set of criteria skill for the leads are LTV ratio, credit ratings, property type, etc. Next, the lead provider company contacts warm leads on your behalf and gets them pre-qualified. Another call will qualify them as per your criteria. If the customer fits your refinance lead profile, the call is directly transferred to your agency, where your broker or loan officer can talk to the customer in real time.
The only challenge for loan officers or brokers is that they must be present during office hours in their office to take the call. If you step away from your office without delegating the task to someone else, you may find that you have missed a good lead and the live transfer may end up in your voice email, to be pursued later. It is necessary that the transfer is taken by someone who is qualified to talk to the customer.
In case you are the loan officer or mortgage broker working with a big company, and expecting mortgage refinance live transfer lead, and the secretary or the receptionist or operator takes the call, the live transfer needs to be transferred again to you. The customer finds the transfer of call once acceptable, twice is simply annoying. There are chances you may find an irate customer at the other end when you take the call. Thus the idea behind live transfers is- give your direct number for the transfer and earn yourself a customer.
Mortgage refinance live transfer leads are considered to be good even in their exclusive lead form. All you as a loan officer need to know is the lead providing company’s policies in case the live transfer does not end up being a live call, and you take it post the transfer, in exclusive lead form. Consideration can also be given in such cases to real time leads, that may save you from time challenges. Real time leads are provided by the leads providing company via E-Mail as per your set filters and criteria for the lead.
However, all being said, it is true that live transfer leads are the best. Thus if you are looking for leads that will turn out to be potential clients for you, go for mortgage refinance live transfer leads.